CATLOG PRICE5596 + 300 SHIPPING + 5 % GST =6190

*Top –   Georgette & with  hand work ( khatali).

WITH BELT ( Khatali work)*

*SIZE – M(38) L(40) XL (42) XXL(44)*

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ZAVERI CADBURY NEW LATEST CATALOG 2022. Buy wholesale new latest catalog salwar suit, Kurti, Sharara, Gown, Lehenga, Sarees at Rehmat Boutique Surat

About Us:

We are a leading wholesale women’s clothing supplier for Indian dresses located in Surat. We deliver the full catalog all over India, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and worldwide.

On the other hand, you can also WhatsApp us for singles on: Click Here

Furthermore, you can email us at: [email protected]


  • We take orders after payment only. Booking after payment. Once the product is booked, no cancellation till it is not available in the company.
  • Also, We are into Online Sales, so majority of stock will arrive based on your order.
  • So expect dispatch time of 1 to 2 days for already launched catalog
  • dispatch only after the catalog is launched by the company.
  • Also, Get a catalog on Pre-booking only.
  • Also 1% of the time it can happen that your booked catalog may not be available though you make payments..
  • In that scenario, you will have to adjust the amount in the next order.
  • Also Currently we don’t have automatic updation of tracking details after dispatch.
  • Please ask personally same always.


  1. Also Please follow up with FedEx for any delay in delivery after dispatch. If not solved then contact us.
  2. Also No return or exchange except for Defective pieces. Courier charges the client has to pay.
  3. No refund Only adjustment in the next order or the same new Piece shall be given.
  4. Also, All rates are pre-discounted and will be the same for new and regular clients.
  5. COD ORDERS: Even if the Token amount shall be paid for all your COD orders.
  6. We can entertain only those who allow us to entertain them.

We are a wholesaler of Kurtis from Surat Ahmedabad, We Have Kurtis Suits, Sarees, Lehenga Buy at Best Price From us Lowest in the Market


  • We supply to all of India. Buy Online From us via Cash on Delivery.
  • Payment methods Are Bank Transfer, Credit Card, and Cash On delivery. We ship Products Safely
  • Also, This catalog is the Latest in the Market.
  • Made keeping in mind the latest fashion needs of girls, Women all around the world.
  • Also, WE have 250+ Brands Distribution for women’s clothing.
  • Leggings available Matching to Kurtis catalog you can order online on WhatsApp anytime 24-hour open store.
  • Leggings are of the best quality with us at a reasonable rate.
  • Also, We are Exporting to all countries worldwide.
  • Best Courier service, Best packing, Safely packaging, and fast delivery.
  • Also, We keep New collections that are upcoming.
  • So if u checkout images uploaded today,
  • delivery of the same would be in the next 7 days, maybe tomorrow, next, or within 7 days of launching images.
  • Also How to see the collection on our website.
  • Just use the search option. if u need Kurtis,
  • type Kurtis all new collections will be at the top, as u go down yesterday or the day before yesterday products will be seen.
  • If u need georgette Kurtis, Just type the same.
  • if need floor length concept, Silk Kurtis, Lawn Suits, Cotton Suits, etc are examples u can use for viewing our collection



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